Lemon grass, galangal root and lime leaves added fresh to infuse the broth but not meant to be eaten. (Substitute to prawns added $2.00, seafood added $3.00) 


10. TOM YUM                      Cup      $5.95                      Bowl      $8.95

      Hot and sour soup with chicken or tofu green onions, mushrooms,      

      lemon grass, cilantro and Thai spices.


11. TOM KHA                      Cup      $6.95                       Bowl     $9.95

      An exotic hot and sour soup containing a mixture of coconut milk,

      with chicken or tofu, lemon grass, mushrooms, onions, and galangal.


12. WONTON SOUP           Cup      $6.95                        Bowl     $9.95

      Hot soup stuff won ton with ground chicken, cilantro and

      green onions.




Thai salads feature the freshest greens, vegetables, meat, seafood, herb and spices.


13. BEEF OR CHICKEN SALAD                            $8.95

      Grilled beef or chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and

      lettuce mixed with limejuice. (Prawns added $4.00, seafood added $5.00)


14. LARB CHICKEN OR BEEF                              $8.95

      Your choice of ground chicken or beef in spicy lime juice mixed with

      cilantro, green onion served with wedge of cabbage.


15. SAFARI CHICKEN                                             $8.95

      Chicken with cashew nuts, peanuts, cabbage, carrot, onions and

      cilantro seasoned with lime juice.

      (Substitute to prawns added $4.00, seafood added $5.00)