Chef Special Dishes  

55. GREEN CURRY NOODLES*                              $9.95

     Green curry chicken on the top of soft noodles, bean sprout and basil.


 56. LEMON GRASS CHICKEN                                  $9.95                     Chicken wok-fried with lemon grass, onions and carrot in                             special chef sauce.


 57. CRISPY CHICKEN POP                                         $11.95

        Stir-fried crispy chicken and bell peppers, with special sauce and  fried basil.


 58. SPICY IN SEATTLE**                                             $11.95  

       Chicken, pork and beef sautéed with red curry paste, bell peppers,               onions and Thai basil. 


 59. AVOCADO CURRY*                                                $11.95

       Green curry with avocado and your choice of meat or tofu, broccoli

       carrot, cabbage, bell pepper and fresh basil leaf.


 60. SIZZLING BEEF                                                        $11.95

      Beef sautéed with mushrooms, onion and tomatoes in oyster sauce


 61. RAMA NOODLES                                                     $9.95

      Stir-fried wide noodles with your choice of chicken, pork, beef 

      or tofu mixed with vegetables topped with peanut sauce.


 62. PAPAYA SALAD                                                         $9.95

      Shredded fresh green papaya, tomatoes, green bean, carrot and peanut

      mixed with lime juice served with fresh cabbage.