A selection of Thai specialties meant to be shared and savored before or during a meal.

1. SPRING ROLLS                   $6.50

    Golden brown spring rolls stuffed with mixed vegetables and

    Thai spices. Served with our homemade sauce.  

 1A. FRESH ROLLS       $9.95

    Tofu, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, basil and rice thread

     noodles wrapped in steamed rice paper. Served with

     our homemade sauce.

 2. CHICKEN SATAY            $7.95

    Grilled chicken marinated in a mixture of Thai spices and

coconut milk. Served with our delicious peanut sauce and sweet cucumber sauce             

 3. THAI FISH CAKE                 $7.95

    Deep fried fish cake blended with curry paste and green beans.

    Served with sweet cucumber sauce.

 4. POT STICKERS      $6.95

    Light crispy flour shells filled with a combination of ground chicken,

    baby corn and green onions. Served with sweet and sour sauce.

 5. CRAB RANGOON         $6.95

   Imitation crabmeat mixed with cream cheese wrapped in wonton

    wrapper and deep fried served with sauce.

6. THAI TASTE COMBINATION          $8.95

    A classic combination of 2 spring rolls, 3 pot stickers and 2 crab

     rangoon served with sweet and sour sauce.

7. CHICKEN WINGS             $7.95                                                                                      

     Crispy fried chicken wings. Served with our homemade sauce.


  Golden brown fried prawns or calamari served with sweet chili sauce.


9. SEAFOOD PLATTER         $13.95

   Combination of fried seafood (Scallop, Calamari and prawns)

    Served with sweet homemade sauce.